How many people usually go on the 1 hour tour?

  • On average 6-7 people go, but the number can vary from 1-19. If there is more than 5 people booked on a tour, two guides will care for you and on the tour it is possible to split the group into advanced riders who wants to go faster and beginners who enjoy a calm ride.

Can I have a white horse?

  • For us the most important thing is that you get a great experience! Therefore, instead of going after hair-color, we try to match every person with a horse of same temperament and mind, so you might not get a white horse, but a gorgeous, dependable horse as beautifully brown as a mighty oak tree.

I'm a complete beginner, can I go?

  • Of course you can!We have horses for every need. We have calm, dependable horses and experienced guides who will help you every step of the way!

Do you have toilet facilities?

  • We are right next to the hotel Stracta where our guests are allowed to use the bathroom.

What is the minimum age for riders?

  • Special tours can be made for children younger than 6 years. From a 20 minute walk with a guide to a small and more independent ride in the area near the rental. Anything is possible. For the tours we usually we say 6 years old, but it all depends on size and maturity.

How do I pay ?

  • You can book and pay through the website! However we also accept payment in cash and we have a card machine and accept Visa and Mastercard (not American Express, unfortunately).